Game Update July '16

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    • Game Update 27.07.16

      • Wedge Antilles ist der neue Charakter im August, welchen man beim täglichen einloggen bekommen kann
      • Biggs Darklighter & Wedge Antilles wurden überarbeitet! Sie machen nun mehr Schaden, sind effektiver gegen Empire Charaktere und kämpfen besser wenn beide zusammen im Team sind.
      • Der Geonosian Spy wird weiterhin im Aurodium Pack erhältlich sein, bis es durch ein neues im August ersetzt wird. (weitere 26 Tage?? *sigh*)
      • MK 5 CEC Fusion Furnace wird nun in den Lieferungen zum kaufen erscheinen; MK 6 Nubian Design Tech wird dafür rausgenommen.
      • Die Häufigkeit mit der Raid Gear in den Lieferungen erscheint wird erhöht.
      • Mod Shipments wird wie folgt geändert:
        • Wenn "Mod Challenges" freigeschalten wird sind nur 1, 2 and 3 Sterne Mods verfügbar
        • Wenn man alle Tier 1 Mod Challenges geschafft hat, werden 4 Sterne Mods im "Mod Shipments" verfügbar
        • Wenn man alle Tier 2 Mod Challenges geschafft hat, werden 5 Sterne Mods im "Mod Shipments" verfügbar

      Bug Fixes
      • Grand Master Yoda: "Masterstroke" will no longer grant Critical Damage Up when hitting an IG-86 Sentinel Droid with "Droid Squad Tactics."
      • Jedi Consular now plays a blue visual effect when the cooldown reduction effect on his Basic ability triggers.
      • Jedi Knight Anakin: Allies will now gain Advantage from "Always on the Offensive" when they are dodged even if they already had Advantage.
      • Grand Moff Tarkin: Offense Down inflicted by "Intimidation Tactics" can now be dispelled.
      • Fixed a bug that caused the Damage Over Time effects inflicted by IG-88's Leader Ability to be Unresistable. This bug did not go out with the update today and will instead go out with the next update.
      • Ewok Scout: "Ewok Ambush" will no longer remove Turn Meter when the attack is Evaded.
      • Snowtrooper: "Assault Training" now correctly grants Turn Meter to Empire allies.
      • Fixed a bug that could cause the Door Control Panel to be unavailable in phases 2 and 3 of The Pit raid on attempts after the player's first on that phase.
    • Neues aus dem Developer Forum

      What’s coming next?
      We’re working on our update for next week which will include:
      • Rebalance von Wedge Antilles and Biggs Darklighter – beide sollen gut zusammen arbeiten / passen.
      • Die Häufigkeit mit der die Raidgear in "shipments" erscheint soll erhöht werden.
      • Geonosian Spy wird noch 2 weitere Wochen im Aurodium pack vorhanden sein.
      • MK 5 CEC Fusion Furnace wird erneut in "Shipments" auftauchen, während MK 6 Nubian Design Tech raus genommen wird.
      • Mod Shipments wird wie folgt geändert:
        • Wenn "Mod Challenges" freigeschalten wird sind nur 1, 2 and 3 Sterne Mods verfügbar.
        • Wenn man alle Tier 1 Mod Challenges geschafft hat, werden 4 Sterne Mods im "Mod Shipments" verfügbar.
        • Wenn man alle Tier 2 Mod Challenges geschafft hat, werden 5 Sterne Mods im "Mod Shipments" verfügbar.
      Some Questions Answered
      When is the Tank Takedown Raid being released?
      • The game team is still putting the finishing touches on the new Raid, including balance testing with the recent adjustments to Mods.
      Are there going to be any additional changes to Galactic War?
      • There are no immediate plans to make any further adjustments to Galactic War. We did recently increase the reward payout for each node and fixed a bug where players were facing teams that were based on the old Mods before we adjusted the stats on them.
      When are you going to fix more character bugs?
      • We’re fixing a number of bugs with the update next week and will continue to do so with each update that is rolled out. You all may have also seen @CG_Kozispoon hanging out in the Bugs & Issues section of the forums. Kozi will be compiling all of the currently reported bugs, what we’re currently working on fixing, and what we’ve recently fixed and post that next week.
    • Neues aus dem Developer Forum

      Next week will introduce our next major update which features Mods, an exciting new way to customize the stats of your characters. We’re aiming for this update to be available for manual download on 7/12/2016 from either the App Store or Google Play, and then fully pushing out to all players automatically on 7/13/2016. Let’s take a closer look at all of the features in this update!

      New Features-
      Mods are our newest feature that allows customization of character stats
      • Mods provide a significant boost to the stats of a character
      • Mods haben eine Seltenheitsstufe von 1 bis 7 (welche nicht geändert werden kann).
      • Es gibt 6 Slots für jeden Charakter and each Mod is associated with a particular slot (ex. A "Stabilizer" Mod can only be assigned to the "Stabilizer" slot)
      • Jeder Mod ist einem Set zugeordnet (zB Heal oder Speed).
      • Ein Mod hat ein orimär Attribut und bis zu 4 sekundäre
      • Mods können bis Level 15 gelevelt werden.
      • Mods have a tier which determines the number of secondary stats currently on a Mod
      • Die erste Möglichkeit Mods zu bekommen ist das "Mod Battle", welches mit Stufe 50 freigeschalten wird.
      • Each stage is associated with a particular Mod set (ex. Stage 1 = Health Mods)
      • There are 7 nodes on each stage, one for each of the 6 slots and a 7th node where random slot is earned
      • Rarity 1 and 2 Mods are earned from Mod Battles with node 7 providing the best opportunity for Rarity 2 Mods
      • There initially will be 8 stages, each with its own unique Mod set
      • There are no character restrictions in Mod Battles
      • Cantina Energy wird für Mod Battles benötigt and in addition to earning Mods, all Cantina Battles rewards are also earnable (ex. Ability Mats and Cantina Currency)
      • The Character Details screen has been updated to incorporate Mods.

      • Rearrangement of elements to incorporate Mods (Ex. Character name and categories included in the HUD)
      • Training XP reflects XP needed for next level
      • Detailed Stats (button at bottom of character details) has been updated to better explain stats
      • Ein Charakter muss Level 50 sein um Mods nutzen zu können.

      Mod Management

      The Mod Management screen is where Mods can be equipped on a character
      • The inventory of Mods can be viewed
      • Character stats can be viewed
      • Mods can be assigned and removed with each action displaying the impact on the character's stats. This allows rearranging the Mods as desired prior to confirming changes. (Removing a Mod costs credits on confirmation)

      Set Bonus & Max Set bonus

      Assigning multiple Mods of the same Set to a character will provide a Set Bonus
      • Some Sets require 2 assigned Mods and others require 4
      • Bis zu 3 Sets können zur gleichen Zeit "aktiv" sein.
      • Ein Bonus wird gewährt wenn alle Mods eines Sets auf maximalem Level sind (Level 15).

      Selling Mods

      • Im "Sell Screen" können Mods verkauft werden; für Credits.
      • A variety of filters are available to quickly identify and select all Mods that need to be sold

      Upgrading Mods
      Mods can be upgraded to become more powerful

      • Mods können bis Level 15 upgedatet werden.
      • Jedes Mod Level erhöht das primäre Attribut.
      • Mit Level 3, 6, 9 und 12 erhält die Mod entweder ein weiteres Sekundäres Attribut oder ein vorhandes wird erhöht.
      • Mods are upgraded by spending credits to increase the XP of the Mod.
      • It is possible to recieve a large XP boost immediately upgrading the Mod's level.
      • To prevent highly valuable Mods from being sold or destroyed, Mods can be locked

      • ???The Ally Cap has been raised to 50??? to enable being an ally with every member in your Guild
      • Der "Skip Button" erscheint nur eher; beim Kauf von Packs.
      • When the flow is complete, there is a button that allows immediately purchasing another pack
      • To expedite Guild related activities, a button has been added to the Home screen HUD to jump directly to Guild Home
      • When a Raid is active the button will display the active Raid
      • For players looking to optimize their Guild Activity contribution, the next guild activity is surfaced in the Guild Activities screen
      • Dark Side Character shards are now differentiated by having a red background to contrast the blue background for light side character shards

      • Charaktere können nicht mehr Ausweichen, wenn sie gestunnt sind.
      • Stunned enemies would sometimes hang the application if a character was killed just before a stunned character's turn, this has been fixed
      • Gear items which are present in guild shipments will now display in the find flow
      • When two players started a battle with the same rank opponent at the same time, the second player was stuck in a loading loop
      • Closing the app on the defeat screen of galactic war was allowing the squad to be used again, this is no longer possible
      • Cantina Credit Currency was not able to be tapped in Cantina Shipments
      • Having multiple inbox messages was causing some messages to display in a different font
      • Find flow was not showing shards from Daily Login
      • The "Daily Gear Collection" Daily Activity didn't have a go button to take the player to characters screen
      • The Gamorrean Guard Muscle In special ability, was not consistent when it granted Protection
      • There were a few abilities which would cause the manual target to switch without any player input. (Ex. Yoda's buff steal AoE ability would cause this to happen)
      • The Equipment-Used-By Feature would not always display the correct characters that need the Equipment
    • Game Update 6.7.16

      • Limited time Galactic Gear Pack – Need extra gear to get your remaining character ready for Raids? The Galactic Gear Pack is now in the Store! For a limited time you can get the gear you need, and have a chance to get exclusive Raid Gear. This pack is available for 660 Crystals and may be purchased up to 3 times a day. These packs will only be available until July 11th.
      • For the next 7 days you can now refresh the Shard Shop with CRYSTALS. During this time you can purchase exclusive Raid Gear in addition to General Grievous and random character shards. This Event ends on July 11th.
      • A new Booster Pack is available during each Grand Master Yoda event, the Jedi Order Bundle. This bundle is priced at $59.99 US dollars and includes:
        • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) 4-Star
        • Jedi Knight Anakin 4-Star
        • 25 Qui-Gon Jinn shards
        • 25 Jedi Consular shards
        • 25 Jedi Knight Guardian shards
        • 30 3-Star Training Droids
        • 1,000,000 Credits
        • 40 Ability Material Mk I
        • 20 Ability Material Mk II
        • 10 Ability Material Mk III

      • 3 new achievements have been added to the game (and will be retroactively awarded to those who already meet the requirements):
        • Guild Raider: Finish 5 Raids
        • Guild Earner: Earn 5000 total Guild Currency
        • Guild Contributor: Contribute 10000 Guild Bank Currency

      • Pass the summer days with the 2 Day Double Drop Event! For July 6th and 7th, rewards will be doubled (excluding XP, Crystals and First time rewards) for all Cantina Battles! UPDATE: this event will now run for 48 hours from the time the update went live

      • The Grandmaster's Training event has been reset to its initial value of each 2nd Thursday in a given month. This change is to return the event to its initial values, following the cancellation of the Force Champions events.
      • Fixed a bug where Talia's Water of Life ability does not drain health from the caster when this ability is a mission-specific ability
      • Fixed a bug where Luminara's Master Healer's Blessing is not healing the user's squad when used as a mission-specific ability
      • Fixed a bug where General Grievous’ lightsaber slightly ignites the air after performing his special ability on specific backgrounds
      • Fixed a bug where units with active foresight buff can dodge all extra attacks from Chief Chirpa's Tribal Unity ability
      • Kamino Landing Platform ground texture has been udpated
      • Messaging on the "Defeat" screen has been updated to be less repetitive
      • Fix an issue with hero descriptions being cut off in the "Borrow a Hero" screen
      • Fixed an issue with the Sim Tickets number overlapping the energy icon
      • IG-88's "Rapid Fire" ability block now retains the Ability Block icon for 1 turn
      • Fixed an issue with the Merit Token quantity overlapping the Close button
      • Fixed an issue with the cost for changing the player name not fitting in the Confirm button
      • Fixed an issue with the Training Droids and Ability materials being displayed in a higher brightness state
      • Fixed an issue in several localizations where text was being overlapped by badging in the Store
    • Game Update July '16

      Game Update 28.06.16

      • Jedi Knight Anakin is the daily login character for July.
      • Geonosian spy has been added to the game, and will be available via the Aurodium pack on June 30th
      • Tusken Shaman is available once again in Chromium Packs.
      • Character shards for Dengar are now available in the Guild Store.

      • The Profit Mining event has been removed.
      • The MK 5 Arakyd Droid Caller will no longer appear in Shipments.
      • The MK 7 Nubian Security Scanner now has a chance to appear in Shipments.
      • Chewbacca’s Wookiee Rage ability now displays more information when he has the Maximum Health increase buff.

      • The Credit Heist event is a new type of event that will appear on a random weekday. The first day of this event will start on June 29th. Here are some details on the event:
        • There is a level 50 and a level 70 version
        • Requires 5 Scoundrels
        • Each version (level 50 and 70) may be completed twice for free. 150k credits for each level 50 completion, and 350k credits for each level 70 completion.
        • The event will run for 15 hours each time it appears.

      • Assault Battles: Forest Moon – begins July 4th
        • Difficulty is tuned for level 78 players for the first tier and unlocks at level 75. The level 80 tier unlocks when you complete the previous tier and is tuned for level 80 players.
        • 8 waves of enemies, with wave 4 being a sub-boss battle and wave 8 being a boss battle
        • Requires Empire or Droid characters
        • Be wary of low health Ewoks

      Bug Fix
      • Teebo's Guerrilla Warfare will no longer apply Stealth to targets who already have Stealth.