Game Update June '16

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    • Community Update 10.06.16

      • Many of you provided feedback on characters you’d like to see worked on in the future. We’ve taken a look at all of this feedback and will be working on Jedi Knight Anakin first. We admit that it’s taking a bit more time to get these updates for characters in place, but that is due to us working on quite a bit of new content heading your way 
      • New Chromium Character – Zam Wesell: This scoundrel attacker can inflict Evasion Down and utilize Thermal Detonators to decimate her enemies. With her unique shapeshifting ability granting her increased evasion, this Clawdite Assassin was not one to cross!
      • Character that is no longer Chromium exclusive – Princess Leia shards will be available from the Arena Store after the EA Play to Give event.

      Bug Fixes
      • We’re deep diving more into getting some bugs fixed, including the one that many of you have been reporting for Teebo. Please continue to submit any bugs you find in the Bugs and Issues area of the forums as we have a dedicated QA person looking at that section every day.

      Events – we’ve got a lot coming up! Let’s take a look at the two that are starting next week:
      • EA Play to Give – this will require you to form up a squad of composed of female characters. This event requires that you have a minimum of 1 female character to participate. Rewards include shards for a number of female characters and credits. This event will start on June 12th and run until June 14th. Be sure to take part in this event as every completion raises money for charity! For additiona details please visit:
      • We're working on even more events that we'll be sharing details on in the coming weeks.

      Hot Topics
      • Galactic War – still one of the most discussed topics in the community, the team has been doing a lot of internal testing to find a way to make Galactic War more enjoyable. The first step is making it not take near as long, and the development team has a solution for this. Starting next week an update will be rolled out that makes some adjustments to Galactic War’s difficulty, which should in turn lower the amount of time it takes for players to complete. We’ll continue to monitor how players are interacting with Galactic War and make additional tuning changes as needed.
      • Guild Hopping and Guild Currency Farming – this has been THE topic in the community as of late and the development team has been discussing it daily. We wanted to make sure that we found a solution that discourages these two things, but at the same time doesn’t penalize those who are not taking part in those actions. So, here are the steps we are going to start with (and we’ll make more adjustments as necessary):
        • There will now be a cooldown timer on players who leave a Guild (regardless of how they leave) that will not allow them to collect the most valuable rewards from any Raid for a period of time after leaving the Guild. We are still testing what the exact time will be for this.
        • There will now be a cap on the amount of Guild Bank Currency that can be earned per day. A Guild with 50 members will now receive a maximum of 30,000 Guild Bank Currency. Any additional Guild Bank Currency accrued that players log in to collect will simply not be counted.
        • Raid rosters will now refresh every 24 hours from when the Raid was launched (as opposed to refreshing on the Guild creator’s time zone)
        • All of the above for the Hot Topics are still being tested thoroughly and are subject to change before going live.
    • Game Update 01.06.16

      • Dengar is the daily login character for June.
      • B2 Super Battle Droid is the new Aurodium Pack character. Aurodium packs are now available to all players level 30 and higher regardless of spend.

      • There is now an achievement for joining a Guild.
      • Fixed the naming conventions and icons for Gear Salvage pieces acquired from Raids.
      • Leaderboards have been updated to display top 3 Guilds from the previous month.

      Bug Fixes
      • Fixed the description on the Sinister Laugh ability for General Grievous.
      • Abilities that apply Speed Up will now properly overwrite Speed Down debuffs.
      • Ewok Elder will now properly clear all debuffs when using his Tribal Healer abilitiy.
      • Sun Fac will now properly use his taunt when controlled by the AI.
      • A buff now appears for Admiral Ackbar’s Tactical Genius effect.
      • Characters who did not have abilities that did special damage but had Gear pieces that gave boosts to special damage have had those gear pieces changed out for pieces without the special damage bonuses.
      • Players can no longer reset their Raid attempts by moving their device clock forward.
      • Rey now properly gains offense up when fighting the Rancor after using Leverage while having the Morale buffs received after destroying the door panel.
      • Fixed a bug where Greedo would sometimes cause the game to crash.
      • Asajj Ventress no longer receives the buff from her Rampage ability when the door panel is defeated in the Rancor Raid.
      • Stages for Light Side Stage 8 Hard difficulty can now be properly refreshed with Crystals.
    • Game Update June '16

      Empire Assault

      Event Start Time: June 2nd
      This new type of event is meant to be challenging and is tuned for level 80 players.
      Structure of Event:
      • Visible at level 75, unlock at 78.
      • Difficulty is tuned for 5 level 80 characters at 6-7 stars with maxed out gear and abilities.
      • Battle 8 waves of Empire forces.
        • 3 waves, then a sub-boss: Darth Vader
        • 3 more waves then a boss fight: Emperor Palpatine & Royal Guards

      • Requires Rebel and/or Clone characters
      • Rewards are:
        • Shards of Empire characters. (excluding Darth Vader)
        • Items for Empire characters.

      • Difficulty is very high.
      • Features a new power added into the encounter:
        • Gain a 15% max HP Heal Over Time for 2 turns, Offense Up for 1 Turn, and retaliation.
        • This power is added per character, but exists only in this event

      • New achieveme which awards 10 Vader Shards & 5000 Ally Coins